work entitled do you have to be bad to be good? polystyrene head, polystyrene ring
size: 29 X 18 X 27 cm
do you have to be bad to be good? (Picasso) I was never an admirer of Pablo Picasso's paintings especially after visiting the Picasso Museum in Paris. Somehow, from the paintings and the accompanying commentaries the image of a selfish and unpleasant womaniser emerged. But in 1998 there was an exhibition of Picasso's ceramic works at the Royal Academy in London. I was completely taken aback by it. It was stunning. I was totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the objects and when I got home this question just popped into my head. The head does not refer only to Picasso. There are enough examples of artists who were and are fantastic as artists but not necessarily as people so the question "do you have to be bad (as a person) to be good (as an artist)?" is still relevant today...
My answer is no. What do you think?