"Focus" exhibition

Curator Doron Polak:
"Every artwork and installation in the exhibition, tackles an issue in the world around us. The artist composes hidden messages which oblige the viewer to immerse himself in them and decode their meaning; he is then invited to an, at once, playful and challenging experience guiding him to the artistic resolution.... The exhibition serves the viewer a continuous recreational adventure in an illusory amusement park, a trip to the playground and allegorical experiences which emphasize the senseless destruction and absurdity in our world. "

From the visitors' book:
"A creative, original, interesting exhibition"
"Works which wake up the grey cells in our brain. Big Thank you for the experience!"
"Not everyone is a real artist! You are a real artist! Challenging our intellect, touching our heart and stimulating our senses! Despite some tough messages, the vivid colours express great optimism..."
"An amazing exhibition which should be in a museum so that a wide audience can experience it. On top of the ideas, the execution is superb!"
Thank you and Doron who brought us to experience your beautiful, intelligent, deep and very impressive  AND important exhibition!"

Link to a short video of the exhibition: http://vimeo.com/86291852